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Family Relationships in White Teeth, Disgrace and Things Fall Apart - Literature Essay Samples

By comparing White Teeth with at least one other appropriate text, explore the presentation of family and family relationships in postcolonial literature.The ‘metanarrative’ of Zadie Smith’s White Teeth differs from the direct linear narrative of other postcolonial texts such as Things Fall Apart and Disgrace. The metanarrative of White Teeth presents the strains and fragmentation of families in the postcolonial setting with a gently humorous, unserious and possibly optimistic approach whereas these other texts are more ambiguous yet emotive. The serendipitous events of White Teeth can at times become unrealistic, and Smith has been accused of neglecting characterisation for plot; however, in her three central families (the Joneses, the Iqbals and the Chalfens) she develops a powerful expression of the postcolonial struggles for her characters. Family and history are two central relationships in the postcolonial genre. Things Fall Apart begins with an explanation of Okwonkwo’s history as the greatest wrestler in Umuofia and his attempts to move away from the reputation of his father as an unserious and unsuccessful Ibo man. Achebe develops the importance of family history and relationships throughout the novel and uses this to lament the destruction of the Ibo tradition with the arrival of the colonisers. The positive portrayal of Uchendu, a relatively distant relation for the extent of support he provides to Okwonkwo during his seven-year exile, is a central example of the family values celebrated in the traditional postcolonial novel from the perspective of the ‘colonised’. While the history of Okwonkwo’s father is not central to the narrative (beyond explaining some of the qualities possessed by Okwonkwo), Achebe uses the device to develop the understanding of the values of the Ibo and advance the more conventional postcolonial theme of the destruction of the livelihood of the ‘colonised’ by the arr ival of the ‘colonisers’. White Teeth presents a less serious approach to family history as it is an inconvenience more than the burden it became for Okwonkwo. The meeting of Magid and Millat in a neutral room (a concept that in itself allows the author to develop several ideas of the hybridity of multicultural Britain in trying to find a place with no ‘history’), is presented with an unserious humour – â€Å"they take what was blank and smear it with the stinking shit of the past like excitable children†. The profanity and images of â€Å"smear† and â€Å"excitable children† creates an unserious undertone to the issue of history and the conflicts of the past. The innocence of â€Å"excitable children† prevents family histories being considered malicious burdens but merely an element of the dislocated existence of the immigrant in the postcolonial society. The presentation of the family has a different effect in White Teet h to Achebe’s Things Fall Apart as the novel moves into the ‘post-post-colonial’ genre. The ‘post-post-colonial’ perspective and the conflicts of the â€Å"second generation† as recognised by Neena, â€Å"niece of Shame.† In her words â€Å"What are you afraid of, Alsi? He is second-generation,† she emphasises a different conflict in the family than the traditional postcolonial texts. Where Achebe uses the family as a central feature of the rich culture of the ‘colonised’ after a number of generations, Smith shows the conflicts of identity created by the family. Because of the different situations of the two novels in terms of the ‘coloniser-colonised’ dynamic, the presentations of the issues are inevitably different. However, the focus on the postcolonial theme is not specifically on the values of the family but on the consequences of the conflicting values between the family and the individual. This is shown as Achebe presents sometimes uncomfortable details of the Ibo family traditions, such as having more than one wife and Okwonkwo’s violence towards them, despite his generally positive perspective of the Ibo values. Similarly, Smith does not present a judgement of the families in her novel but shows the personal conflicts, particularly of her younger characters and Samad, as dislocated in the postcolonial society. In Disgrace, Coetzee presents abrasive attitudes by contrasting Lucy’s acquiescence to rape (accepting that â€Å"maybe this is the price you have to pay†) and David’s refusal to accept the situation (with his belief that their life in the Eastern Cape is â€Å"like a dog†). Issues of politics and morality underpin the conflict between David and Lucy, who are â€Å"so far, so bitterly apart,† whereas Smith does not address these themes. Instead, she focuses on the issues of identity and overcoming the dislocation and ‘ double-consciousness’ of the second-generation immigrant. White Teeth presents the strains and fragmentation of families in the postcolonial setting through the contradiction of expectations and actions between generations. The Jones family has the least conflict; the connotations of the name itself as the stereotypical ‘average’ British family emphasises this expectation. The discord between Clara and Hortense is a major conflict in the family and as Clara successfully overcomes the burden of expectation of her mother, she may be interpreted as a successful embodiment of the transition from overbearing family expectations (due to her strict Jehovah’s Witness upbringing) to a sense of independence in her marriage to Archie. However, some critics have regarded Clara as a major flaw in the novel, saying Smith â€Å"privileges plot over characterisation†. Although Clara is not developed in detail and questions remain about the circumstances and satisfa ction in her marriage, the conclusion – in which Irie marries Marcus because â€Å"you can only avoid you fate for so long† – may reflect a sense of optimism in the novel and not underdevelopment. Smith may be suggesting that the quarrels of family in the postcolonial confusion are not as significant as they may appear and that it may be more effective to accept the challenges with regret as shown by Clara because â€Å"they cannot escape their history any more than you yourself can lose your shadow.†The nature of the Chalfen family could reflect an important postcolonial theme. The detailed family tree, â€Å"an elaborate illustrated oak that stretched back to the 1600s† develops the contrasts of different families and histories in the postcolonial with the uncertain history of the Jones family. Although the Chalfens become figures of amusement in the novel, the way in which they â€Å"referred to themselves as nouns, verbs and occasionally adjec tives† has a similar quality to the insular family and tribal values of the Ibo. The attention to family relationships from both examples emphasises the overbearing elements of cultural and social expectation of families. The Chalfens become ironic as their seeming purity is undermined by the explanation that they are â€Å"third generation [immigrants], by way of Germany and Poland, nà ©e Chalfenovsky†. Smith emphasises the eclecticism of most families in the postcolonial society through Alsana’s criticism that â€Å"you go back and back and it’s still easier to find the correct Hoover bag than to find one pure person [†¦] Do you think anybody is English? Really English? It’s a fairytale.† The attempt of the Chalfens to claim â€Å"purity† and be aware of their history is ironic because their family seems most strange despite being the most ‘typical’ in terms of lineage. Therefore, the postcolonial view to the famil y in White Teeth is one that values variation and sees it as inescapable. The diversity of the family and the emphasis that there is no â€Å"purity† may be a more positive conclusion on the family than the distance that emerges between David and Lucy in Disgrace or the complete rejection of Nwoye by Okwonkwo in Things Fall Apart. The aspiration of Irie to be like the Chalfens (â€Å"she wanted their Englishness. Their Chalfishness. The purity of it†) is not only ironic but the essence of the struggle in the postcolonial theme to be â€Å"normal†. In Things Fall Apart, Nwoye’s conversion for the elements of Christianity that question the doubts of his native culture about the murdering of new-born twins and Ikemefuna’s death shows a similar conflict in determining a personal identity. The nature of the conflict is contextually different in the two novels because of the change in the postcolonial to the ‘post-post-colonial’ setting. Nw oye has a different challenge with his family in moving away from being ‘normal’ to values he finds more attractive. However, Irie struggles to resolve her family history as she moves from a temporary desire to travel to Jamaica with Hortense to wanting the ‘normal’ life of â€Å"how some families are all the time†. In both situations, the relationship strains are similar, the conflict of generations in families as social values change become more complicated with the addition of differences in cultural values. Things Fall Apart begins by addressing the fundamental aspect of the conflict of generations in the family as Okwonkwo endeavours to move away from the reputation of his father. This struggle in itself is significant but occurs in a more complicated form as Nwoye decides to convert to Christianity which not only is a denunciation of a family history but of the basis of past values. However, Achebe’s primary intention is unlikely to be a n examination of the consequences of the family from the arrival of the colonisers. Things Fall Apart considers the postcolonial from the consequences of an entire society and the Ibo people (as represented by Okwonkwo and his personal struggle throughout the novel) which is in contrast to the family concerns that are so central to White Teeth.The central family conflict in White Teeth is based on the Iqbals and the difficulties of Samad in adjusting to British society as he laments, â€Å"You begin to give up the very idea of belonging. Suddenly this thing, this belonging, it seems like some long, dirty lie†. The decision to separate Magid and Millat emphasises the strains of the postcolonial setting on Samad and the ironies of the hybrid society as Magid returns as â€Å"more English than the English†. It is the affair with Poppy Burt-Jones and his recognition that he must make â€Å"a choice of morality† that leads him to his decision to send Magid to Banglad esh. The contrasts between Samad’s expectations of his children and his own actions are fundamental to the presentation of the family as dysfunctional and contradictory in postcolonial literature. The dislocation of Samad and his double-consciousness as he knowingly (such as his self-assurance â€Å"to the pure all things are pure†) and unknowingly (such as his uses of phrases such as â€Å"sometimes I don’t know why I bother† which has distinctly ‘English’ connotations) contradicts himself is the device that creates much of the drama and humour in the novel.The return of Magid as â€Å"more English than the English†, despite the attempts to give him traditional values with a Bangladeshi education, and the â€Å"trouble with Millat† throughout the novel extends the tension between family desire and the hybridity of the postcolonial context. Millat embodies the same flaws as his father as he struggles to define a sense of identit y and is unable to relinquish his sexual desires while seeking the inclusive reassurance of KEVIN. However, the tension in the novel is largely created as Samad attempts to mould Magid and Millat in to â€Å"good Muslim boys†. The family is shown to be dysfunctional in White Teeth and the poignant criticism of Millat that Samad is a â€Å"hypocrite† is more moving than the generally humorous approach throughout the novel. Although the novel contains poignant reflections from Samad of his isolation and the situation of his children, there is little dialogue from either Magid or Millat. The lack of voice to these characters and the generally humorous tone which is often created by the absurdity of chance events such as the breaking of both twins’ noses may reflect the unserious and optimistic attitude of Smith to the strains of the postcolonial family. The conflicts endured by Samad and his conflicting values such as his willingness to drink alcohol but refusal to eat pork reflect the confusion of values that emanate from the immigrant family in the postcolonial setting. The description of Millat as â€Å"schizophrenic, one foot in Bengal and one in Willesden† emphasise the confusion and division created by the family. Although â€Å"in his mind he was as much there as he was here† the transformations and connotations of his â€Å"schizophrenic† character suggest an instability and uncertainty of his identity. A significant feature of the role of the family in the conflicts endured by the main protagonists is that Smith does not explicitly ‘blame’ the families for the contradictory characters of their children. Millat does not appear to be the victim of the ‘foreign’ values of his parents. Even actions such the burning of all his possessions because of his involvement in a protest in Bradford where, presumably, Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses were publicly burned do not suggest a cult ural dislocation in the family. (Some critics may use an example of where he claims to Joyce Chalfen that Samad had â€Å"kicked [him] out† to show the consequences of cultural differences on the family, although this statement appears to be part of the humour of his manipulation of Joyce for sympathy and). However, this presentation of discipline and the general treatment of Millat is not based on the cultural expectations of the family as might be suggested by the postcolonial genre but a disciplinary consequence of his actions, such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse and sexual promiscuity, which would be regarded as fair by most Eurocentric or other readings.The pragmatism of Lucy in Disgrace to accept the injustice of the Eastern Cape for her survival and the devastation of Okwonkwo at his perceived dishonour caused by Nwoye’s conversion have distinct links to the general presentation of the family in the postcolonial. These three texts embody the conflict of new genera tions with older generations as social and cultural values shift. Disgrace and Things Fall Apart are more austere presentations of the postcolonial genre and the conflicts they explore are not definitively concluded but are left ambiguous. Things Fall Apart summarises the conclusion of the postcolonial struggle in general and the cause of conflict within the postcolonial family, â€Å"what is good among one people is an abomination among others†. The difficulty of younger generations in overcoming these conflicting influences on their identity and character is a serious concern in both. The suicide of Okwonkwo is relatively unexpected and extremely ambiguous; Achebe leaves the reader to assess the impact of the colonisers on the Ibo. Similarly, David’s character disintegrates and his actions are often difficult to interpretation. In White Teeth, the family is a cause of frustration and confusion for the younger generations and they endure the difficulties of double-con sciousness and dislocation in their attempt to determine their characters. In addition to the postcolonial conflicts of cultural identity, Smith includes adolescence and a series of unexpected, sometimes absurd, coincidences which gives the novel a humorous perspective. The optimism of Smith is epitomised in her development of the theme of chance and the attitudes of Archie, the least complicated character who allows his future to be determined by tossing a coin. Irie’s outburst before the denouement of the novel is the most coherent presentation of the family. Her plea for â€Å"quiet† and for â€Å"space† and wish for a family in which â€Å"every single fucking day is not this huge battle between who they are and who they should be, what they are and what they will be† reflects the strains of the family in the postcolonial. The innocent detail of the nine-year-old Magid telling his friends that his name was â€Å"Mark Smith† concludes the positi on of the family in postcolonial literature. It can be an awkward burden, a cause of difference and a lifestyle that is different to those of friends and peers but it is not detested and is not usually a malicious force. Despite the struggles with family, Millat still refuses to hear the criticism of his mother by Joyce and Irie answers the seemingly ridiculous musings of Archie about the reasons that new bus-tickets have so much â€Å"information† on them which shows the underlying affection in their relationships. The haphazard, almost ridiculous, connections between the narrative strands of the lives of the three central families, their eclectic qualities and the juxtaposition of their mutual absurdity is the essence of the novel. While it creates the conflicts for the individuals of the story, they also combine to show the universality of dislocation and confusion in the modern multicultural society which is often the conclusion of the post-post-colonial genre as poets su ch as Imtiaz Dharker invites in ‘Minority’ to see the confused and alien identities of others and â€Å"recognise it as your own.†

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The Muslim Culture Within Modern Western Society - 2342 Words

It is easy to shape our understanding concerning Muslim culture within modern Western society based on what the media exhibits to others. This ongoing fight for equality has derived from media, throughout historical events. Terrorist attacks; most famously 911 have created further inequality within Muslim culture. The media is partially to blame for this phenomenon as bias and misinformation is misused to sway public opinion. While these attacks were malicious and catastrophic, Muslim culture itself should not take the blame for the wrong doing of a certain few. That being said, racism and discrimination began well before the terrorist attacks, and will also be assessed. Although racism and discrimination are not exclusive to Muslims, this is an issue that needs to be addressed as extreme matters as, â€Å"Muslim Americans continue comprising one of the disadvantaged minority groups in the USA† (Zainiddinov, 2016, p. 2718). This fuels the segregation of Western and Muslim cult ure, as Muslims view Western as Muslim hating and discriminating. Modern Western culture has wrongfully depicted Muslims for many decades and although this cannot be reversed, few strategies have been offered to improve their safety and overall wellbeing. To begin, understanding the underlying cause of the negative depiction of Muslims it is important to understand the history of discrimination. Beginning before the terrorist attack of 911, this prejudice began due to Western society’sShow MoreRelatedIslamic Modernism : A Multiple Modernities Perspective1611 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom traditional societies to modern ones. It is developed by the founders of sociology and has dominated the prevalent understanding and explanations of many social differentiation processes including differentiation, rationalization, individualization, urbanization, and secularization for a long time. Hence, sociologists believed that the consequences of modernization were unavoidable and common de stinations for modern or all modernizing societies. Sociologist also expected western modernity willRead MoreWestern Civilization Roger Scruton Summary1410 Words   |  6 Pagesquestion â€Å"What is exactly Western civilization, and what holds it together?†. He uses his answer to help explain the cultural, political, and social struggle between the internal worlds of Western civilization and Islamic civilization. Scruton’s The West and the Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat gives context, proof, and commentary on the continuities and discontinuities between Western and Islamic principles to emphasize the need for renewal of the distinct Western culture. Scruton begins hisRead MoreContemporary Issue in Eastern Religions1627 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom different types of races, nationalities and cultures across the globe, ranging from the southern Philippines to Nigeria they are united by their common Islamic faith. A small group live in the Arab the world and the world s largest Muslim community is in Indonesia, where substantial parts of Asia and most of Africa are Muslim, while significant minorities are to be found in the Soviet Union, China, North and South America, and Europe Muslims believe in One, Unique, Incomparable God. AlsoRead MoreMuslims believe that God is the one and only and the reason of their existence as stated in the1400 Words   |  6 PagesMuslims believe that God is the one and only and the reason of their existence as stated in the Qu’ran. Muslims believe that God or as know in Islam, Allah created everything. Allah is the reason of existence of everything in the universe and the purpose of being. The purpose of an Islam is to worship Allah, to love and be selfless with others. (islamicsupremecoucil.com) All people are created equal and there is no one better than another no matter their race, religions and nationality. No matterRead MoreIslamic Reform Movements Essay1531 Words   |  7 Pagesmovements is the rejection of the western idea of nation-state and the principle of separation between the church and state. All Islamic reform movements seek to change Islam and society on the basis of a return to a strict adherence to the Quran and the Hadiths. To reform Islam and society, reform movements advocate the taking of political power in order to command that which is proper and forbid that which is reprehensible. In brief, this means that life and societies have to be governed by the ShariaRead MoreA Summary Of The Clash Of Civilization1608 Words   |  7 Pagestheories both established in the same era refer to issues within economies like the Women in the Middle World. Clash of Civilization The Clash of Civilizations is a theory or hypothesis that came about after the Cold War. A scientist by the name of Huntington P. Samuel wrote a book and article called The Clash of Civilization; And the Remaking of World Order, stating the world would be divided not along political laws but cultural clashes within civilizations. Listening to the Charlie Rose interviewRead MoreComparing Sayyid Qutb And Zaynab Al Ghazali1616 Words   |  7 Pagesand contrasting the different ideologies of Sayyid Qutb and Zaynab al-Ghazali, there is a strong fundamental sense for both in the role of Islam in constructing an ideal society; that Islam in one’s daily life contains everything that a person or a society might lack. So too do these thinkers hold a strong parallel between western modernity and the Jahiliya. Where Qutb and al-Ghazali differ comes from their conceptual differences, particularly in regards to gender and governing. A strong sense ofRead MoreCanadian Multiculturalism Act And The Canadian Charter Of Rights1463 Words   |  6 PagesMulticulturalism has always been perceived as one of the integral components of Canadian Culture . Under the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, Canadian citizens are free to exercise their religious and cultural practices . However, niqab ban takes effect in some public aspects of Canada . Supporters of the ban believes that wearing niqab is not a part of the Canadian Culture and should be banned in order to free Muslim Women from oppression . Niqab ban, however, infringes on the religious and cultural freedomRead MoreThe Rise Of Islamic Civilization872 Words   |  4 Pagesitself, but its larger role in today’s society. Islam has not only impacted culture of the past, but western civilization today, it shows similarities and differences to the Christian faith, and has also been perceived harshly in light of the current events around the world. First off, what is Islam? Islam is not just a religion, but it is also a civilization. However, â€Å"the rise of Islamic civilization is a story of faith and confrontation amidst societies in political and cultural transition† (RogersRead MoreThe Internal Debates Between Muslim Scholars Essay1602 Words   |  7 Pagesdebates between Muslim scholars, both inside and outside the Islamic World, regarding Islam and its compatibility with democracy. Are Islam and democracy compatible? Support for democracy is just as frequent as resistance in these developing nations with both sides pitching adequate arguments but in all traditions there are intellectual and ideological resources that can provide justification for an absolute monarchy or for democracy. Many argue that Islam has all the ingredients of modern state and society

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Abortion Persuasive Essay - 804 Words

Have you ever been caught in a life changing predicament? Chances are you have. In fact every single person in the world comes to a point in their life where they have to make a decision to better their future for the good or for the worse. One decision can be whether or not you want to start a family with someone. Often times accidents happen in which people didn’t plan for, and can lead to many financial problems or neglect of one’s child because the parents weren’t prepared to be parents. This is why there should be the option of abortion. Abortion needs to be an option for everyone because it helps from long lasting mental states, infection, economical problems, and or having conceived from a non consensual circumstance. Pregnancy†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"The states that have the strongest laws against safe and legal abortion are also the states in which women suffer from lower levels of education and higher levels of poverty† (Planned Paren thood). This quote says it all, state legislature suppress the people ,especially our women, into living in a poor and undeveloped society. The majority of the legislature of the states with strict laws are men, according to Planned Parenthood. Meaning that the men of the states say that women have to with go already proven unhealthy and unwanted pregnancies. On top of this â€Å"States that oppose safe and legal abortion spend far less money per child on a range of services such as foster care, education, welfare, and the adoption of children who have physical and mental disabilities† (Schroedel). This shows that the children growing up from the lack of legal abortion are being neglected their entire way through the state system which will just put more teenagers on the street increasing crime rates and poverty rates. All the neglection of these children can be prevented from a legal abortion which is cheaper than spending money over the course of this child’s life. N ow, you may say this is unmoral, dehumanizing, a sin, or murder but almost every legal abortion happens when a fetus is in its first trimester according to Linda Lowen. This means a fetus inShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay About Abortion993 Words   |  4 Pagesin two peoples perspectives. The story consisted of a daughter (Deb) and mother’s perspective after the death of her father. The purpose of this layout is to show how they are both grieving in individual ways. Writing for the persuasive was presented as an essay on why abortion should be accessible in every country, and to also outline the shame women receive. Purpose Purpose for writing publication- Purpose for writing a real-estate article was to inform a potential buyer on the house showed. AlsoRead MoreAbortion Persuasive Essay1119 Words   |  5 Pages To begin with, there has always been an extensive issue with the topic of abortion, why? Well, it’s a tough subject and can get extremely emotional and very defensive. Honestly, people just need to open up their eye’s and understand that its murder and not just a choice. It is murder because two can create a blessing and the choice of aborting it, is more like a sacrifice for the reason a mother can’t carry a baby for nine months. Whether a person is a minor, young adult, or an adult and is inRead MoreAbortion Persuasive Essay755 Words   |  4 Pagesinstead these babies are torn limb by limb, burned, and many other tortuous methods to end the precious life. Abortion is murder and is not only very cruel to the unborn baby but it also harms the mother. Pro-choice is an escape from the harsh reality that a baby is being murdered, and in my eyes a life should only be terminated if God himself is ready to call them home. One reason why abortion is wrong is because they are many other safe solutions that would give the child a chance at life. AdoptionRead MorePersuasive Essay On Abortion917 Words   |  4 PagesAbortions in Texas consist of ending a pregnancy of an unborn child before it can live out of the mother womb. However if the pregnancy ends not on purpose before the twenty four week mark then technically it would be considered a miscarriage. Though inducing the abortion on purpose has caused a lot of controversy over the past century. Deliberately putting people on one of two sides of this issues, of either being for it, which would be considered Pro Choice. Or in the other category of the ProRead MorePersuasive Essay On Abortion1635 Words   |  7 Pagessolve this issue the option of abortion was brought to the forefront by scientists and advocates such as Dan Savage who mentioned that abortion should be mandatory for the next 30 years in or to control the population. (Ertlet) For countri es such as the U.S. with a growth rate being 1.6%, the proposal of widespread abortion is highly recommended as mentioned by obstetricians and gynecologists. (MumfordKessel) Who now leaves the question as to if the option of abortion should be used as a means ofRead MorePersuasive Essay On Abortion1228 Words   |  5 Pagesmillion pregnancies each year in the United States, 1.6 million end up in abortion† (Hern). Because of the numerous traumatic psychological, physical, and overall irresponsible behavior or actions constantly encouraged due to abortion, it should be banned, and forever illegal. Killing one’s own fetus has been linked to psychological distress which has been channeled into many different cases of substance abuse. â€Å"Induced abortion has been linked to increased rates of substance abuse, especially amongRead MorePersuasive Essay On Abortion954 Words   |  4 Pagesand nations who destroy life by abortion and euthanasia are the poorest. I do not say legal or illegal, but I think that no human hand should be raised to kill life, since life is God’s life in us, even in an unborn child.† Do you know what abortion really is? Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. Abortion seems to be more common in today’s society. Numerous amounts of individuals support abortion, and do not realize how it affectsRead MoreAbortion Persuasive Essay736 Words   |  3 Pagesfavor of abortion rights. The decision was 7-2, it stated that it showed a â€Å"right of privacy.†Abort ions have been performed for thousands of years all around the world, even though many women died from it. Women nowadays have a choice of whether they want to get an abortion. Abortions do come with risk, one of them being death, but women should still have a right and say what they want to do with pregnancy and not be judged by others for doing so. Today the debate across the world is if abortion shouldRead MorePersuasive Essay On Abortion1321 Words   |  6 Pagessomeone who may be suicidal or who is suicidal himself/herself. As for taking away fetus’ lives, the damage that abortion makes on life can be proven with the statistics. According to Casey, â€Å"over the past 44 years, one-sixth (60,000,000) of the American population has been killed by elective abortion. Twenty-five percent of African-Americans are killed in the womb America,† (Should Abortion Be Legal n.p.). The figure 60,000,000 is a depressing number considering that these children could have been futureRead MorePersuasive Essay On Abortion723 Words   |  3 Pagescontraception I want to discuss is sterilization. For an idea that is so broadly accepted in private, contraception certainly generates a lot of opposition when discussed in public. Some people think when we talk about contraception that it’s code for abortion. It’s obviously not the same thing. Let’s be honest, people are just uncomfortable with the topic because it’s about sex. And sex talk in this country is kept on the hush even though we are sold sex via advertising left and right. Some people worry

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The First Few Lines Of Beowulf - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 816 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/05/18 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Beowulf Essay Did you like this example? How much control do we have over our own lives? Do we really have any power over our own fate? Does Gods will triumph over our personal decisions? These are questions that we may ask ourselves today, but have also been pondered since the medieval times and surely long before then. In the epic poem Beowulf, the idea of fate is implicitly prominent. Yet Anglo-Saxons were wrestling with religion when the classic poem was finally transcribed, possibly a century after it was first told. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The First Few Lines Of Beowulf" essay for you Create order It is apparent when reading Beowulf that many were grappling with the question of fate versus free will or even Gods will, as the ideas reappear throughout the work. But the theme of fate is so strong that it is obvious that it was a solid force in the lives of the people of this time. Beginning in the first few lines of Beowulf, the narrator alludes to the incidents of misfortune that are to come for our epic hero. There is an instant feeling of foreboding after beloved leader, Scyld Scefing dies, shut off as fated (26). Later, Fate cast no shadow, although many a man was marked to suffer (1233-1234). Although we as readers are clued in pretty early on that fate will play out in this tale, there are also conflicting Christian references to Gods will. It is believed that the monks may have been the first to record the poem, so it is hard to know for sure if the Christian tones were added after the fact. Nonetheless, we must take them in to account when analyzing the work. To reference the introduction to the poem again but with a Christian perspective alluding to Gods will to compensate for their leaders death: To him [Scyld] a boy was born, a baby in the homestead, whom God grants us as a gift and comfort to ease the people. He apprehended dire trouble dogged those destitute people. But the Lord of life, Leader of heaven, offered them honor, earthly requital. (12-17) The principal or power of fate is now coupled with religious ideals stating that the Lord of life will honor his people. We will find that throughout Beowulf, whenever any men succeed at accomplishing heroic feats, the narrator is quick to point their great accomplishments to Gods favor and His divine plan. Whether this was indeed a subsequent addition by a transcriptionist, as opposed to how the original storytellers felt, we may never know. Beowulf himself symbolizes a response to fate; his good deeds, such as remaining loyal to Hrothgar and coming to save his town from Grendel, act as an answer to the role of fate. In this poem, fate may justify why particular events have happened altogether. In fact, in Old English the word wyrd was used for which events are predetermined, fate, doom, or destiny and this concept seemed to drive the classic work. In Hrothgars meadhall, when defending his legendary swimming feat to Unferth, Beowulf says that Fate often saves an undoomed man when his courage is good supporting that he does ultimately believe in a sense of fate and purpose. There is conflict between fate and Gods will, continually at ends, and the mixing of paganism and Christianity. It seems that Beowulf may regard courage as a possible intervention of fate. Throughout the poem however, there are countless allusions of God serving as a protector to the warrior. After Grendels defeat, when Beowulf tells of the battle to his mother, he declares how Straightway the struggle would have stopped outright had God not granted the gift of protection (1657-1658) and thereafter that He [God] has guided abandoned ones and friendless (1663-1664). Despite his obvious skill and self-confidence, Beowulf is clear of receiving Gods help, and in turn, prevailing over Grendel. There is the obvious Biblical connection of Grendels stated lineage to Cain from the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis. In that story, the two brothers took part in a feud, which ended in Cain killing Abel. Grendel, being descendant of a man who killed his own brother, is a clear representation of evil. One may reflect whether it was his fate to become the villain he was in Beowulf or rather he was a possible symbol of sin. Grendel continues to fuel the struggle between pagan fate and Christian will in the tale. A tale such as this, told over and over throughout the years is sure to have been open for not only interpretation but also alteration as it went from one scop, or storyteller, to the next. We do know that the initial manuscript was partially damaged in 1731, opening up one more way for the original to have been modified. The fact is that whether or not the unknown author of Beowulf intended a correlation between the concept of fate and Gods divine will is something we will never surely know.

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Youth Groups As A Discourse Community - 2280 Words

Youth Groups as a discourse community The only people who go to youth groups are the perfect kids who never do anything wrong, go to church every week, talk about God and about what is going on in their lives. This was my speculation before attending Pinion Hills Community Church in Farmington, New Mexico. Many people believe this to be a stereotype but my guess is that it is anything but the truth. Pinion Hills is a non-denominational church with a youth group that takes place on Saturdays at five thirty in the afternoon and then again on Sundays at nine thirty in the morning. I chose to attend the Saturday youth group with my roommate who has attended the youth group for a little over a year now. Christianity began over 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ and his disciples. Jesus would travel around the village’s preaching religion and teaching people the will of God. Jesus would eventually die for the sins of man but three days later he would be resurrected and give hope to the world. Jesus became known as the Messiah for the Christian religion as well as the teacher of God. People today continue to tell his stories and worship him still to this day. There are various ways that people come together to worship and praise God. One way would be the getting together of youth groups since it allows the youth to learn about God in a more modern and fun way. METHODS There are many different ways that I went about collecting my information and data on youth groups. InterviewsShow MoreRelatedThe Franklin Road Church Youth Groups Are More Than Just a Religion1681 Words   |  7 PagesFranklin Road Church of Christ youth group consists of youth of all ages. The group is divided into three subgroups: Tots for Christ (TFC), Kids for Christ (KFC), and the Senior Youth Group (SYG). In particular, for this essay I will be explaining how the Senior Youth Group is a discourse community. Franklin Road’s SYG consists of the ages 11-18. Within the group we do various things such as going to youth retreats, youth conferences, and many more; just to name a few. The group has been around for manyRead MoreFunctions Of A Discourse Community1511 Words   |  7 PagesDiscourse communities are all around us, which can include a sports team, academics, and many others. However today I am focusing on a discourse community that relates to my major, criminal j ustice. In order for me to understand swales six characteristics I interviewed a homicide detective relating to criminal justice. A discourse community is a group of people involved in and communicating about a particular topic, issue, or in a particular field. A discourse community is defined by six characteristicsRead MoreThe Discourse Community : Bethel Worship Group1337 Words   |  6 Pagessafe community, the Discourse Community serves a place to build trust, respect, and communication skill. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the word discourse means to express oneself especially in oral communication. Discourse community should be a place where one can live comfortably as it own self and not concealing its’ negative side. It should be a place where everybody treated each others like a family and where one can express its true feeling. Bethel Worship group is a community thatRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility of Sime Darby838 Words   |  4 PagesSime Darb y Berhad. | |Although the foundation receives funds from the Sime Darby Group, decisions on its activities are made independently by the Council of | |Yayasan Sime Darby. | |The foundation that has been active since November 2008. It works closely with the Sime Darby Group and its Divisions in areas of common | |concern. The foundation supports initiativesRead MoreIs The Memphis Youth Symphony? A Discourse Community?1776 Words   |  8 PagesDiscourse communities are all around us—we all belong to a discourse community. A discourse community is a body of persons who share common and unique modes of communication or discourse (â€Å"Discourse Community†). In order for a community to identify as a discourse community, the community must possess six defining qualities that categorize it as a discourse community. As defined by John Swales, a researcher and professor of linguistics, discourse communities â€Å"have a broadly set of common public goalsRead MoreThe Box Acts As A Representation Of Adolescents1025 Words   |  5 Pages Since all Gladers are males, they are surprised when Teresa arrives. However, to their surprises, she displays masculine traits that demonstrate her ability despite her biologically feminine body. These attributes allow her to be included in the group , to some extent. Since gender, as discussed, is a learned social construction, Teresa might have learned these behaviors from the Glade filled with males. Nevertheless, masculinity allows her to protect herself from harm and contribute a huge aspectRead MoreThe Defective Pancreas Community1041 Words   |  5 PagesThe Defective Pancreas Community According to Swales, a discourse community is made up of individuals who share a set of common public goals, has mechanisms of intercommunication among its members, uses its participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback, has and uses one or more genres that help the community achieve its goals, has acquired some specific lexis, and has a reasonable ratio of novices and experts (220-222.). Even though that may seem like a large number of requirementsRead MoreLife As A Social Worker1574 Words   |  7 PagesLife as Social Worker Growing up, I would watch the people in my community. I picked up on the things we considered to be socially acceptable. My community is predominantly filled with Latino and African American culture. Though, both come from two different ethnic groups, beliefs and practices, they share a common socioeconomic factor. I remember observing the gang violence, prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, and children wandering the streets. Most people coming from a higher income statusRead MoreThe Toronto Anti Violence Intervention Strategy1564 Words   |  7 Pages This basis of legitimacy is partly due to shared factors contextualized by authorities and institutions that play a critical role in identifying risk factors linked to youth offending. Part of this involves linking violence, with sociological constructs (e.g., personality characteristics, neighbourhood characteristics, immigrant concentration). For instance, Papachristos, Meares, Fagan (2012) propose that young people from neighborhoods saturated with criminal associates and opportunities forRead MoreMinimum Legal Drinking Age : A Discourse Appraisal1452 Words   |  6 PagesMinimum Legal Drinking Age in America: A Discourse Appraisal You know an issue has evoked large levels of community discussion when interest groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and rappers like J-kwon are telling us the same thing: teen drinking is very bad. But discussion on the topic tends to vary far more than that. Congress discussed the issue in 1984, with the National Minimum Drinking Age Act: an act that withheld federal highway funding from states without a minimum legal drinking

Analysis Of The Book Long Division Essay - 1272 Words

The topics â€Å"Can You Use that Word in a Sentence,† and Racial Representation is significant throughout the book Long Division written by Kiese Laymon. The characters in this book will have to face racism and learn to defy racial representations, especially during the scene of the quiz contest. Overall, this essay will tackle the importance of language in the book Long Division and analyze the actions of the characters and the emotions they display. This essay will examine the words written and the racism experienced during the period using the two sources and research made to understand the importance of language in racism. Long Division, the book written by Kiese Laymon is an intriguing and gripping novel. It starts off with the main character Citoyen â€Å"City† Coldson a fourteen year-old boy; he participates in a nationwide televised quiz contest. However noticing that the contest is extremely racist, his outburst on stage goes viral. Shortly, City moves to live with his grandmother. He’s been given a book, before leaving, titled â€Å"Long Division†. The main character of the book has the same name as City yet it is set in 1985. A young girl named Baize Shephard has been missing in City’s new community. Yet, when Baize Shephard appears as a character in City’s strange book, both stories link and converge together. Citoyen â€Å"City† Coldson and LaVander Peeler are the only two black participants in the â€Å"Can You Use that Word in a Sentence† contest. There were many scenes thatShow MoreRelatedExamples Of Total Asset Management1509 Words   |  7 PagesTreasury. †¢ Perform reconciliation and ad hoc analysis for various cost saving initiatives. †¢ Responsible in providing analysis and the monitoring of grants and revenue against budget to internal stakeholders, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and Treasury of NSW. †¢ Prepare revenue budget for the agency and being the main finance staff liaising with various business divisions within the agency in regards to revenue. †¢ Prepare the financial budget and analysis of RMS as well as coordinating relevant reportsRead MoreEssay On Capital Expenditures1160 Words   |  5 Pagesexpenditures and its process. †¢ Experienced in preparation of agency state budget with multi-billion dollar budget capacity. †¢ Prepare the financial budget and analysis of RMS as well as coordinating relevant reports to be sent to the Minister’s office. Key finance staff in Budget Estimate exercise, coordinating various business divisions to ensure accurate financial information is gathered to be signed off by Chief Executive Officer before reports are submitted to the Minister of Transport for parliamentRead MoreEnager Industries1108 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Enager Industries, Inc. was a relatively young company that consisted of three divisions with distinct services and products. At the urging of CFO Henry Hubbard, Enager’s president, Carl Randall, had decided to begin treating each division as an investment center, so as to be able to relate each division’s profit to the assets the division used to generate it profits.  · Analysis However, several issues arose regarding this performance evaluation method and other managementRead MoreRole Of Roles And Responsibilities1213 Words   |  5 Pagesexpenditures and its process. †¢ Experienced in preparation of agency state budget with multi-billion dollar budget capacity. †¢ Prepare the financial budget and analysis of RMS as well as coordinating relevant reports to be sent to the Minister’s office. Key finance staff in the Budget Estimate exercise, coordinating various business divisions to ensure accurate financial information is gathered to be signed off by Chief Executive Officer before reports are submitted to the Minister of Transport forRead MoreEssay about Nova Chemical1085 Words   |  5 PagesChemical’s strategy? How do the various divisions relate to the firm’s overall strategy? Industry analysts are expecting high growth rates for specialty chemicals of 10-15%. As a result, Nova Chemical has a 5 year strategy that focuses on development of the company’s two specialty chemicals divisions: the Laboratory Products Division (LPD) and, more substantially, the Environmental Products Division (EPD). Investment will focus on the company’s EPD division through expansion of new productionRead MoreEssay on Victoria Chemicals749 Words   |  3 PagesCase Study Week 3 - Victoria Chemicals PLC 1. What changes, if any, should the plant manager (Morris) ask the financial controller (Greystock) to make to his analysis? Morris should ask the Financial Controller to the make the following changes to his analysis: †¢ Include the cost of the rolling stock. These would become an essential asset of the Merseyside Works. The investment to occur in 2010 and then depreciated over the following 10 years. These would become an asset of the Merseyside worksRead MoreHistorical Development of Strategic Management1151 Words   |  5 Pagestaking a long term perspective when looking to the future. In his 1962 groundbreaking work Strategy and Structure, Chandler showed that a long-term coordinated strategy was necessary to give a company structure, direction, and focus. He says it concisely, â€Å"structure follows strategy.†[3] In 1957, Philip Selznick introduced the idea of matching the organization s internal factors with external environmental circumstances.[4] This core idea was developed into what we now call SWOT analysis by LearnedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Hidden Intellectualism By Gerald Graff Essay1642 Words   |  7 PagesAbby Langdon English Comp 1 In the time surrounding the 1950s, intellectualism was hostilely viewed by most, and was a subject towards which division and ambivalence were pointed. Book-smarts and intellectualism were contrasts to regular life. The article â€Å"Hidden Intellectualism† is written by a man named Gerald Graff, an English and Education professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. In his article, Graff argues with a compelling case, that not only is intellectualism found in theRead MoreInstructional Setting And Content Area Essay1217 Words   |  5 Pagestaught to a fourth grade glass, consisting of 24 students. The lessons will take place during the assigned math block (an 80-minute portion of the day). These lessons will be a scaffolded focus on problem solving, specifically multiplication and division word problems. Instructional Problem The vast majority of incoming and current 4th grade students in this school haven’t yet mastered the state standard for problem solving (Standard 4.OA.A.3). Specific standards are set by the Common Core StateRead MoreCost benefit analysis CanGo1095 Words   |  5 PagesIsolina Pagan Cost Benefit Analysis VIA Consulting has been hired in CanGo’s behalf to assist its management group in the decision making of the implementation of the new operating ASRS system, and we came out with the following financial information and data. CanGo started operating as a small company in 2006. In 2008 the company reported a net profit of $7,000,000 and $15,000,000 for the 2009. The company’s most profitable division has been its online book sale. Due to the fact that CanGo

Deere and Co. Swot Analysis free essay sample

Deere amp; Company as it is known on the New York Stock Exchange manufactures and markets heavy machinery and engines used in heavy equipment. The company was founded by a blacksmith named John Deere. John Deere moved from Vermont to Illinois and immediately set up a blacksmith shop in 1837. John Deere developed a better plow for the tougher soil found in the Midwest and from there John Deere was established. Today John Deere Construction amp; Forestry produces more than 120 machine models and distributes its construction, forestry and worksite products through a network of more than 1,300 dealer locations worldwide. The company employs more than 50,000 people worldwide. John Deere’s Mission Statement as listed on their homepage website. It is listed as a Strategy Statement. We aspire to distinctively serve customers — those linked to the land — through a great business, a business as great as our products. To achieve this aspiration, our strategy is:   * Exceptional operating performance * Disciplined SVA growth * Aligned high-performance teamwork   Execution of this strategy creates the distinctive John  Deere Experience that ultimately propels a great business and, for all with a stake in our success, delivers Performance That Endures   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   | | | SWOT Analysis of John Deere Strengths * Highly recognized and respected brand * Market dominance for heavy equipment and machinery| Weaknesses * High prices * Less profit in non agricultural products| Opportunities * John Deere Credit * Wind Technology Portfolio| Threats * Caterpillar * Weaker economies worldwide * Seasonal Business of agriculture| Company Strengths Highly recognized and respected brand John Deere has established itself as the leader in agricultural products worldwide since the 1960s. We will write a custom essay sample on Deere and Co. Swot Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page John Deere green has become a color. Easy to recognize and distinguish itself from the competition. Marketing slogan on television commercials effectively ties in the logo with the company, â€Å"Nothing runs like a Deere†. According to Encyclopedia Brittanica Online there was a surge in tractor sales in Ireland in 2006 and the sales leader was John Deere. This leadership in sales demonstrates the market dominance of the John Deere brand. Company Weaknesses High Prices/Less profit in non agricultural products John Deere tractors and other equipment are generally priced higher than other quipment. John Deere brand pressure washers at Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse costs 30 to 50 percent more than Troy Built brand pressure washers. Lawn tractors and lawnmowers also command a price premium over the competition. The brand has become more expensive only because it is John Deere. Similar performance and similar specifications for products with only difference being price h as caused a lot of buyers to opt for the lower cost brand. Products that are not related to agriculture and can be substituted with a lower cost rand has lead to lower sales in those areas. If a customer really needs something and it does not have to match his green tractor then they will probably buy the lower cost item. This has led to less profit in non agricultural products. Opportunities John Deere Credit/ Wind Technology Offering clients loans directly through John Deere Credit has increased revenue for the company. Financing of expensive farm equipment contributes extra income to John Deere Credit. The tractors and combines that farmers buy are very expensive, a new combine can cost in excess of $200,00. 00. Customers who buy the machinery don’t have to go to their bank. They can usually get better finance rates through John Deere Credit. This eliminates third party financing and increases the bottom line for John Deere. According to cnn. com/money John Deere has hired Goldman Sachs Group this past month, February 25, 2010, to conduct a review of the wind farms that the company owns. A possible sale of the wind farm portfolio could earn John Deere about 1 Billion dollars. Threats Caterpillar/Weaker Economy/Seasonal Business Caterpillar manufactures heavy construction equipment. They do not build agricultural tractors but they do build a lot of bulldozers and backhoes that are used in general construction. Some heavy equipment that both John Deere and Caterpillar build for construction is similar in specifications. Some forestry machinery is also very similar. This could be seen as a threat to compete for limited budgets that would purchase heavy construction equipment if Caterpillar has lowers prices and offers rebates. Weaker economies not just in America but worldwide have slowed the purchases of heavy machinery. This has led to some consolidation and less sales. Another threat to John Deere is the seasonal nature of the agricultural business. Combines are not harvesting daily. They only work when the crops are ready to be harvested. Tractors only plow and seed in the beginning of the growing season. Conclusion John Deere, Deer and Company is the world leader in tractor sales. They have expanded into a lot of different countries. I think that by offering rebates when buying some of their products or when buying more than one product, they can turn their high price eakness to be more of a strength because they will not only sell more but sell more to the same customers. I believe that given the opportunity I would enjoy working at John Deere. The company has been around for almost two hundred years. The products that they manufacture can be seen as soon as one drives south, east, west or north of our urban living area. In some parts of our urban area they can be seen working in strawberry fiel ds and lettuce patches. I personally have always enjoyed watching how these marvelous machines work and provide food for our enjoyment and survival.